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About Our Company


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Highest Compensation

Family First Life is proud to offer agents high compensation. Carrier contracts rates up to 145% in commissions. Plus, agents have the availability to earn producer and manager bonuses on top of that. 

Renewals Vested Day 1

Most insurance companies will vest you after 5 or 10 years. There are some that do not offer them at all. At Family First Life, you're 100% vested from day 1. This means that your book of business is truly your own business. 

Integrity Marketing 

Integrity Marketing Group is an Insurtech company innovating insurance with a singular purpose in mind: to help people protect their life, health and wealth, so they can make the most of what life brings. Agents at FFL have an opportunity to partner alongside Integrity.

There is a guideline in place at FFL where your commission can go up to a 145% comp dependent on two factors: producer contracts and builders contacts. This way you have two ways of earning a higher compensation dependent on the route you take. 

Lead Programs to Fit Your Needs

A lead is someone requesting our help. Our leads our made accessible in our new Integrity Lead Center (ILC) -- where agents can purchase internet leads, direct mailers, or even social media leads for an average of $4-25 per lead.

We support our agents growth and business development by offering a bonus program for agents to receive business compensation based on their production. FFL pays out both individual producers and agencies. All bonuses are non-chargebackable.

Non-Captive with No Fees

We are a non-captive organization with no initial contract or startup fees. All our trainings, even annual convention is free for agents to attend. We also offer a free pre-licensing course for those wanting to get their license. 

Free, Endless Training

Training is a constant here at Family First Life, where top producers provide insight on how to mimic their success.  We have our annual convention, face-to-face trainings, office meetings, training camps, weekly podcasts, and constant social media lives. 

Comp Guidelines
Producer Bonuses 

We’re Real Good with Numbers


Years in Business


Licensed Agents


Families Protected 


Integrity Partners

Who are we?


Family First Life 

We are an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) which means that we do not sell our own insurance, but we partner with top insurance carriers so you can find the product that best suits your client's situation. We are comprised of independent agents across the country, that understand the importance of life insurance and the impact it carries on families. It is our job to ensure we provide our clients stability and a sense of security throughout the difficult times. 

We​ take pride in being non-captive, no contracts, vested renewals, and high compensation. We believe that agents should reap the benefits for the work that they're putting in. We are proud to be identified as the largest, fastest growing IMO in America. 



“I came into the insurance industry at 20 years old and I was not with Family First Life. I just wanted to help people, both agents and families. Seeing the system here, the compensation, and the ability to build a business was exactly what I was looking for. Since coming to FFL my life has changed drastically and for the better. This company was my final shot at insurance and I am forever grateful!

Marysa Maggio
Family First Life Solidity 

Hall of Fame Producer and Solidity Agency Owner



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139 Billerica Road, Suite Annex

Chelmsford, MA 01824

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